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  • Fabienne Duprat

    Fabienne,originally from
    France,nornod of the southern hemisphere,having lived in the Corlbbeon.luggage
    on the island of Bali It is on this magnificent island of Indonesia that she
    created her workshop for her collections

    For her,"What we wear
    on ourselves must have a meaning, an extra soul.The real Beauty of a jewel is
    its History, its meaning,the Power that the Woman invests in ir.

  • Her creations are exclusively made with noble materials such os
    serri-precious stones, cultlured pearls, 925 silver plated in lok gold She has
    been a trader in black Tahitian pearls in collaboration with the great names of
    high jewelry

    She has a degree in lIt hotheropy,in order to deepen her knowledge inthe
    symbolic research of stones and their therapeutic virtue,

  • Each year,her travels around
    the world allow her to find the perfect stones for each creation, to create a
    symbiosis and to obrain a jewel reflecting well-being,abundance and love. In
    her search for perfection,and to complete her collections, she also creares
    dresses,kimonos, bags, clutches, using very trendy nohural fibers I such as
    silk,cotton,leather,tree roots,palm leaves....